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The History of Angee's Restaurant

A Family Tradition Since 1947


Libratore Angelo Fratercangelo made his journey from Italy to America in 1904. Like most Italian immigrants, Angelo could not speak English when he arrived, however, he successfully made his mark in the restaurant business. With the help of his son Nicky, he opened a restaurant in 1948 at 475 North Union Street. Angees Restaurant remains at the same location today, nearly 75 years later. It is now owned and operated by his grandson, Anthony.

Nicholas Fratercangelo, also known as “Little Nicky,” retired from his job at Clark Brothers in 1948 to assist his father in the management of Angees Restaurant. In the early 1960′s Angelo retired and passed the restaurant on to Nicky. For the next 25 years, Nicky added a personal touch which made the restaurant what it is today. From the introduction of pizza to his trademark white shirts, Nicky’s ideas and ideals made Angees into a favorite meeting and eating place for the hometown crowd.

Nicky retired in the 1980′s. His retirement came partly due to ill health, but mostly because he wanted to see his sons carry on a part of his life that he loved so much. Nicky passed away in February of 1998 but up until a week before his death you could find him every morning at the front table in Angees visiting with old friends and making new ones.

Nicholas Livoto

Nicholas Livoto was one of Angees original employees. He was referred to as “Big Nick” because he was much bigger than Nicky Fratercangelo. Big Nick was the head chef at Angees for 41 years. He had a flare for serving up many a delicious meals. When he was in the kitchen you knew it wouldn’t be long before your favorite Angees meal was at  your table ready to eat. Big Nick passed away in 1989 but sometimes on a busy Friday night, you can still hear him in the kitchen giving orders.

Angelo L. Fratercanglo is Nicholas Fratercangelo’s oldest son. He worked for Angees for 14 years. In 1988, he left the restaurant to pursue another career. He left the daily operations to his younger brother Anthony.

Angelo L. Fratercanglo
Anthony Fratercangelo

Anthony Fratercangelo is currently the owner and operator of Angees Restaurant. Shortly after Anthony  took over in 1988, he gave Angees a new look. A remodeled dining room, an enlarged kitchen, and an expanded menu brought a new generation of loyal Angees patrons. An added catering business allows people to sample the great taste of Angees food at home, in the office, or anywhere they choose.